Team Depot


Team leaders of all types, from educators to youth group leaders to board members to corporate trainers will put the contents of this book to good use. With chapters formatted as "aisles" you can pick and choose the tools that you have on your shopping list now and pick up a few more later. Aisles include tools for:
* Revisiting your team's goals
* Redefining team members' roles
* Reestablishing ground rules
* Rejuvenating team meetings
* Rebuilding a climate of trust
* Regaining team member commitment
* Reassesing team performance
* Rewarding team success
* And much more! Attend a featured author workshop at the 13th International Conference on Work Teams: Collaborating for Competitive Advantage, September 23-25, 2002, in Dallas, TX. For information, contact the Center for the Study of Work Teams at 940 565 3096 or visit them online at

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