Epic Love Stories (2) Ganga and Shantanu


This is another short love story from Epic Love stories series by Ashok Banker. Personally, I have read 3 stories from this series and have enjoyed all of them a lot.

This is the story of Ganga the river and Bharata king Shantanu who are the parents of the famous Bhishma Pitamah from mahabharat. Shantanu the king falls in love with Ganga and gets married to her not realizing that she is no ordinary woman but the Goddess of river Ganga. Ganga is under a curse under which she has been born as a human and must drown her 7 sons born with King shantanu in the river without confiding the reasons with her husband. Ganga gives up her first 7 sons to the river and shantanu forgives her and does not question her as he is mesmerized by her beauty. Finally, Ganga gives birth to her 8th son and returns to the river. This 8th son finally grows up to the iconic Bhishma pitamah from the mahabharat.

This story can be read in an hour and is followed by a sequel Satyavati Shantanu which I plan to read next. Recommended.

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