Babar's Mystery


I'm surprised we haven't read this more than once in the past week since we took it out from the library because of Julia's love for Babar. She could watch Babar reruns on OnDemand all day and all night for a month I think and not get bored in the least.
As much as she liked books the Babar books don't hold as much interest for her. Maybe because she's so used to watching Babar and friends on t.v. I personally don't watch too many movies made from books I've read so I can relate.
In Babar's Mystery The Old Lady needs a quiet place where she can write her book and once they get her settled in an old lighthouse they return home to find their piano has been stolen. Babar and the kids, along with Arthur trace some clues, get turned around a little, and finally, Babar, with help from The Old Lady, nab the thieves.

PDF Laurent de Brunhoff download Babar's Mystery

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