All He Desires


All He Desires: The Complete Series

Length: around 58,000 words or 172 printed pages long.

Kira's spent the better part of a year masquerading as an escort, and quite frankly, she's tired of it. But with pay as good as it is, and no lack of clients in sight, it's impossible to pull away from such a lucrative job. Even if it is illegal.

That is until her favorite client offers to double her pay so long as she agrees to be his companion for one evening. No questions asked.

The promise of a doubled wage is hard to pass up, and the possibility of finally getting to see her lover's face and learn his name makes this deal impossible to resist.

With their destination as mysterious as the man who invited her, Kira accepts, but at what cost?

WARNING: contains explicit, sexual content as well as voyeurism and some light bondage. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

NOTE: This is the complete season for All He Desires. This piece includes The Invitation, The Proposal, The Limelight and The Ceremony.

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