The Control Theory Manager


In this book William Glasser, M.D., combines his control theory with the wisdom of W. Edwards Deming to explain both what quality actually is and what managers need to do to achieve it. He explains that while many American managers are well aware that they are losing market share to quality foreign competition, especially to Japanese companies that have embraced Dr. Deming's ideas, they seem unable to put these same ideas into practice in the United States. This is because, following their common sense, they continue to boss-manage workers in an attempt to make them do what too many do not want to do. While bossing will produce work, dissatisfied bossed-workers will not do the quality work that is needed if the United States is to regain its competitive edge. Glasser teaches what Deming fails to teach. To achieve quality, managers must give up their common sense and replace it with control theory in order to begin to practice a new way to manage called lead-management. Only workers who are lead-managed will consistently do the quality work so urgently needed. If many of our present economic difficulties are based on the fact that we do not buy enough of our own products, managing workers so that they do quality work is the only answer.

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