Arabian Nights (Rolemaster 2nd Edition, #1305)


Powerful Jinn, forever trapped within magical lamps. Evil Viziers, plotting against the good and wise Caliph. Beautiful maidens, handsome warriours, and mysterious magic. These are the things of the Arabian Nights.
In this sourcebook for Rolemaster , you will find everything that you need to know about running exciting adventures in the lands of mythical Arabia. Politics, history, culture, and many other topics are discussed along with a detailed treatment of how Rolemaster professions, magic, races, and creatures can be incorporated into such such a setting. Whether you are looking for a a unique world to place a new set of adventures, or are just simply seeking an addition to your regular campaign that is spiced with a flavor unlike traditional fantasy realms, Arabian Nights is for you.
• Detailed descriptions of an Arabian Nights fantasy setting
• Suggestions for creating characters that fit into the genre.
• Wealth of historical notes and references for an Arabian setting.
• Numerous NPCs, monsters, and magical items.
• Ideas for incorporating Arabian Nights into a Cyberspace™, Space Master™, historical, or time-travel campaign.

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