Losing Ladd


Felicity Wilkins might own Ladd Springs but when Jeremiah Ladd struts back into town with retaliation on his mind, she realizes how little her possession means. Not far behind him, Jillian Devane arrives on scene and between the two of them, everything Felicity holds dear is in jeopardy.
Travis Parker knows the players and knows the law. Problem is, Jeremiah and Jillian don’t play by the rules and thwart his every effort to bring them to justice. Complicating the situation is the impending trial against Travis’ twin brother Troy. Jack Foster continues to pursue his revenge against Troy, aided by his mother, Victoria. It’s a battle that threatens to blow up the small town until a secret box of letters discovered in an attic changes everything.
Cal Foster alone understands the valuable find, and uses it to protect his new family from the bloodlust of past quarrels they had nothing to do with. But one explosive evening on hotel property threatens Felicity’s entire world, throwing her at odds with Travis and placing her life in grave danger.
Will Jeremiah and Jillian finally exact their revenge on Hotel Ladd? Will Jack and Victoria prevail in their vendetta? Family feuds pack a powerful punch leaving no one untouched in the grand finale, Losing Ladd...

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