Ready, Fire, Aim (Ready, Fire, Aim 'Verse, #1)


Tony/Steve Avengers fanfic Words: 21006 Podfic available

Tony leaves the meeting before he’s supposed to—because he is a busy man and he has things to do and anyone who has a problem with that can just shut their mouths, can’t they—without saying goodbye to anyone. He stalks down the hall and into the elevator and out of the lobby and up to the car (where Happy is courteous enough to let him slam his own door) and fumes the whole ride over to Stark Tower. He sketches out schematics for two new models of repulsor boots and a pocket water filtration system on the back of a napkin—he’s nothing outside of the suit, is he, well fine, he’ll show that frosted-over Americana has-been douchebag—and gets out of the car in a whirlwind of irritation and almost-but-not-quite falling on his face.

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