Young Andy has always cleaned up messes for his tom-catting daddy, Todd. Fifteen years earlier, he threw Diana, her mother and two sisters off his property and burned down the shack where Todd had allowed them to live because the old man was her mother's lover. After this upheaval, her mother and older sister take off and leave the younger girls to fend for themselves. Louisa, Diana's little sister, succumbs to a sickness she's had since birth and the recent trauma is too much for her to handle. In the way life tends to happen sometimes, Diana's future changes for the best and she's adopted by loving parents who support her and give her an education - a law degree. Now she's back to Snohomish County looking for revenge on the family responsible for the death of her sister and the men who treated her family worse than animals. Throughout this story, I felt Diana's anger as if it was my own. Ms. Eckhart has a wonderful flare with imagery and I saw the meanness and arrogant action of the Friessens' - except for one. Jed becomes my hero as well as Diana's. The action in this book carried me along; I got so caught I couldn't stop reading. Thank goodness this author has written more books in this series. I've followed her since the beginning of her career and she's never let me down. Write faster!!! :-)

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