Whole Lotta Sexy


Adults only. Three novelettes plus bonus features mean a whole lotta sexy for you. Not intended for those under eighteen years of age.


Jenny loves her husband, but misses the excitement of their early marriage when he would ravage her with sexual abandon. Lately, he pays more attention to his BlackBerry than to Jenny. When an accident leaves her fighting for her life in a freak blizzard, Jenny is rescued by two strange men. Huddled in a rough shelter, Jenny's rescuers exact a wild sexual price she's more than willing to to pay.

Warning: contains hot, wanton sex with multiple partners.

*Winner Take All*

Brian fantasizes about wild sex, but Alisha seems too shy and repressed. Then, an argument and a rash dare lead to a no-holds-barred game of strip poker with Alisha and her hot roommates, with the promise of an erotic winner-take-all prize at the end.

Warning: contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults engaged in acts of exhibitionism, spicy lesbian action and hot steamy sex.

*Daddy's Girl*

When Mr. Carson finds himself struggling with lewd thoughts, his daughter's buxom best friend, Danielle, dresses up as a pretends to be his precious "little girl" while she cries out to her "Daddy".

Warning: Sexy role play at its very hottest.

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