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Are you in love with classic table games like Poker, Liar's Dice and Dominoes? Have you found yourself yearning for a fresh take on these tried and true standards? Maybe you simply want something unique that your friends and family are sure to love. If so, then this just may be the book you've been waiting on! For less than the price of your average board game; this stunningly vast and wildly inventive collection of gaming fun can be yours. But mentioning the value of this investment barely scratches the surface of why you should own this book. These games will travel with you anywhere; taking up far less space than most any compilation of this size can claim to. And all you'll need to experience most of these games is a deck of cards, five die and a set of dominoes. You'll get over 50 games in all, as well as the ability to rate each game once you've played it. This makes it extremely easy to remember which games you liked and which games you absolutely loved! Included within this book are five (that's right, FIVE) variations of the ever-popular card game TEXAS HOLD'EM! The variations you'll find include: Blackluck Hold'em Blind Man's Hold'em Bloody River Hold'em Cheater's Hold'em and Hitstand Hold'em You can also expect to find ALL the following games, each unique to this collection: Appointments Attraction Awesomosity Billywiggles Bones Boot Yarn Bricks In The Fence Cheshire Christmas Eve Dead Wild Divisibles Dumbos Durritt Engage Entropy Five and Dime Flummox Fribble Friction Frog Thumbs Go-Go-Shi Golightly Haunted Hearts Hitch Honeywok Impass Jackmomma Johnny Come Lately Majigger Meebub Melders Midgard N-Tuple Duplus Opadoca Plunger Renuncle Royals Sacrifice Salt Pocket Sand Bats Scrambled Fish Skeloti Strategum Temptation Texican Sweat / Better's Texican Sweat Third Eye Tookus Truncato Tweens Uprise Great for parties, family gatherings, or even as a gift; Shane Windham's TABLE GAMES will prove to be one of the most treasured additions to any game lover's collection. With clear and simple instructions as well as games appropriate for all ages, this is one gaming book you do not want to be without.

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