Lizzie and Harold


“Lizzie and Harold” is a book about true friendship.Lizzie has her ideal friendship requirements and goes out searching for a new friend.Harold desperately wants to be Lizzie’s friend, as can be seen clearly on the front cover where you find him chasing after her.However, Lizzie is blinded by her definition of a friend and won’t let Harold fill this role.Harold even learns how to do “cat’s cradle” for her.After using some unique, but unsuccessful methods to find a friend, Lizzie gives up.Harold also gives up on Lizzie and goes out looking for his own friend.It is at this point that Lizzie realizes what she has given up.Harold also admits that he really wants Lizzie as his friend and the two are shown walking off hand in hand in the final illustration.I would recommend this book for elementary age students.It teaches the lesson that we need to be careful of not accepting people into our group because they are different from us.I would use this in the classroom during a unit on diversity as one example of not being open-minded.I would also use this to help students realize the difficulties involved sometimes in friendships.

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