Big Sister Is Watching You


This stunning book by former University of Texas professor and best-selling author Texe Marrs-has ignited controversy across the U.S.A. This highly documented expos? of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her gal pals has been banned and censored everywhere. Anna Quindlan, the top feminist reporter for The New York Times was furious when she read this book-she promptly wrote a national column blasting the author and demanding that the feds severely punish him! Big Sister is Watching You proves Hillary is not only a lesbian and a communist, she is a New Age occultist deep into black witchcraft and communication with the dead. Her gal pals-Janet "Butch" Reno, former stripper poet Maya Angelou, and others-are also outed for the first time. Discover the dark powers Hillary Clinton has over her husband, Bill, and what America's most powerful woman plans to do after she herself becomes President in the year 2005.

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