An Abundance of Virtues


DISCOVER A DEEP SENSE OF HOPEIN THE WORLD AROUND USA celebration of life, An Abundance of Virtues contains true stories about people who have exemplified one of the five virtues of faith, compassion, truth, courage, and grace. Author Richard H. Schneider, a journalist for more than fifty years presents slice-of-life vignettes—both personal and from interviews he conducted throughout his thirty-eight-year career as an editor with Guideposts magazine.An Abundance of Virtues narrates stories about teacher Marva Collins, who helped failing schoolchildren achieve academic excellence through the power of grace; Reginald Andrews, who leapt onto subway tracks to save a man he didn't know; Jimmy Stewart, whose faith guided him through horrific air battles in World War II; and Donald Seibert, whose commitment to truth helped him rise to become CEO of a major corporation. As a strong ship carries things useful for life and can be a refuge from suffering, the inspirational narratives relayed in An Abundance of Virtues provide motivation and can help others face the challenges on their life's journey.For some thirty years Dick Schneider was the soul of Guideposts. These are some of his greatest stories ever. Edward Grinnan, Editor in Chief, Guideposts Magazine

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