Freezing, Vol. 9 (Freezing, #9)


Since the preview about the experimental Pandora in the previous book, I had a bad feeling already, something about the uncontrollable monster they create and turns against them. But in this volume, it’s totally the other way around, which does add even more bitter taste to the whole story.

The theme of this Evolution-Pandora story arc is about the gap in ability between the Pandora who are born gifted with skill and power in addition to the wealthy and powerful family they’re born into. In contrary, the E-Pandora is from social outcasts who would sacrifice themselves and had nothing to lose in their struggle to proof they also deserve the same rights to be proud of themselves through hard works. Same as their creator who although seems like manipulative, is also can’t accept Kazuya’s father’s idea about Maria as something divine and have to stay misterious.

Well, trouble happens and this bound to add more tragedy in the plot.

Other than the new characters (mainly Amelia, the cover girl), Elizabeth also had lots of character development this time, showing her as more than a plain cold person.

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