Betrayal by Blood and Demons


"I've called the police," screamed Tara Connelly at her stunned husband. "I hope you rot in hell for the rest of your life for what you did to our son." Shane Connelly, a self-made success story, faces a father's greatest nightmare. His troubled son and wife accuse him of being a sexual predator. Then a beautiful mystery woman befriends him, only to disappear when the Twin Towers fall on September 11, 2001. With his life imploding, Connelly needs to summon all of his survival skills to save himself, his newly formed company and his vulnerable eleven-year-old daughter. With the assistance of an unexpected team of allies, he races against the clock to solve a diabolical jigsaw puzzle and to understand why his own flesh and blood would accuse him of such a horrendous crime. In this thriller, the depths of human darkness are probed in an epic battle of good versus evil as a father attempts to overcome the ultimate betrayal.

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