The Treasure of the Sarah M.


It's no secret that the Sarah M. was a coveted ship back in its day. Smooth and sleek, she's travelled the Oceans of the world for as long as anyone can remember. She was sunk in British waters during peace time. Her legacy now sits at the bottom of the Irish Sea now she was, a memory and forgotten about or was she?. It's been said that deep within her bowels sits a fortune in gold. One, two countries are locked in a deadly race against time in the hopes of finding it. The Sarah M.'s prize ensures that whoever finds it has enough power to change the world. The fight to find her final resting place has begun, and many lives will be lost along the way. Only one man can make a difference. Robert Birket knew from the very start where the secrets of the Sarah M. lay. Many assumed he went down with the ship he had loved since being a boy a long time ago. Yet is it possible that he could still be alive? Would he be willing to change the world as he knew it? Can he give up the secrets surrounding the treasure of the Sarah M. if came to that?

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