WindDreamer (WindLegends Saga #6)


A tempestuous confrontation between the forces of good and evil intertwined with the strings of the heart. One will win and one will loose. But who's to say which will actually come out ahead? Can Conar and Liza pull together to finally overcome Kaileel Tohre and his henchmen while staying apart from the darkest desires of their heart? Will Legion A'Lex manage to keep the love he knows truly belongs to his brother? A never-ending circle of love, treachery, and heartache. The final conclusion to the Windlegends saga or is it?

A foggy dream tormenting the soul of a man obsessed or the portent of things to come? Is the Raven doomed to walk his path alone or will the love of his life step beside him through the sands of time?

A kiss of death, an embrace to last a lifetime. The ultimate sorrow or the ultimate victory? Has Conar finally rid himself of his nemesis and his demons?

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