The interstellar Terran Imperium is expanding to reclaim what was lost during the Decline—a period when hyperspace variances cleaved off countless human systems. The Clinate Oligarchy ruled Copa System for nearly 1,500 years, with every citizen identified as a contract line item. With the hyperspace route reestablished, the Imperium slowly infects Copan society—vying for control and peaceful transition.

Despite enjoying the opulence as a sub-sept member of Clin-Khotaigra, University student Mondennio Rowenzal seeks higher status in government and society. His ambitions are shattered when he is caught cheating during a critical exam, setting him on a course that could decide the fate of his stellar system.

Can he overcome Bafiktuy Intelligence operative Jonaldy Amonett's efforts to compel him to be an agent for the Imperium while doubting his own government's legitimacy?

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