Grandpa's Garden


From the acclaimed best-selling author of, Mother May I? Comes Eriksson’s newest coming of age novel, Grandpa’s Garden –The Story of Us.

Carly Eriksson is a child on the edge of adolescence, living a life of incomparable luxury in a 6,000 square foot mansion with servants, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and a glorious view of the golf course below it.
The summer before Carly’s twelfth birthday changes her life forever. After the skinny, awkward pre-teen finds herself mixed up with some delinquent neighborhood kids, her parents decide to take matters into their own hands. Carly is shipped off to her grandfather’s house in Seattle, Washington—to a man she barely knows.Come to find out, Grandpa Hess is kind, patient, and warm-hearted, understanding of Carly’s sometimes erratic adolescent behavior. For Carly, it turns out to be an idyllic Seattle summer, and the following year, Carly returns to Seattle. Together, with the help of a vegetable garden, and many hearty home-cooked meals, Carly and her grandfather create a lifetime of memories.

Liam Connelly is only four at the time of his kidnapping. For five years, Liam lives in seclusion with his drug addicted, alcoholic mother in a trailer on the outskirts of Hemet, California.The day of his rescue, nine-year-old Liam comes face-to-face with his most unlikely rescuer—his father. With a shattered sense of reality, Liam returns to his hometown of Costa Mesa, California, where the young boy is forced to reexamine his life and question everything he’s ever known.

Told in Liam and Carly’s unforgettable voices, part one of this sublet and heart wrenching novel tells the story of how families are capable of unraveling themselves. Two people, who have yet to meet, will confront a personal crisis, a painful truth, and life-changing choices.

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