On the Edge of the World


This book was on the list of recommended reads this past spring in one of my English classes, and because it was pretty difficult to procure in a timely manner by way ofinterlibrary loan, I didn't get the chance to finally read it until today. Thank goodness for extended loan dates.

On the Edge of the World was fairly easy to read through, expressing ideas which are direct enough yet deeply profound; the translator did an excellent job of preserving the story in the spirit Leskov intended it, speaking to the heart of human dignity and what it truly means to be Christ-like. The book's synopsis does a much better job of summarizing it than I ever could, but what I will say is that Leskov (Russia's version of America's Mark Twain) artfully uses language that is both candid and introspective to make the narrator's journey completely relatable, regardless of a reader's religious persuasion.

Now I saw clearly that honest weakness is more excusable than mindless zeal... This passage found closer to the end of the story may seem to be a common sense type of adage, but bears so much meaning after having read the narrator's previous motivations.

This is one of those works I feel is a must-have for every person who wonders about the human condition and/or is serious about true spirituality. It's been a while since a work has humbled me this much, and has made me believe in the inherent goodness of our fellow human beings. I wholeheartedly recommend this story and will defiinitely be adding this to my personal library. It's an absolutely stunning work.

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