The Magic School Bus Meets The Rot Squad


Ms. Frizzle's science class is having a disgusting, gross rot contest.After Wanda was pronounced the winner, she was given a baby tree.She decided to plant the tree in a vacant lot which had an old log in it.When Wanda decided to have the old rotten log moved, Ms. Fizzle decides it is time to take a trip to find out what rot has to do with life.Ms. Frizzle helps the class discover how decompostion is an important part of nature.Linda Ward Beech helps bring this Scholastic Magic School Bus book to life.She based the book on the Magic School Bus Books written by Joanna Cole.Beech helps students learn the importance of decomposition plus includes a project for parents and children to complete together in the book.Carolyn Bracken's illustrations help children understand how decomposition works.

PDF Linda Ward Beech download The Magic School Bus Meets The Rot Squad

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