Wronged by those closest to her, Polly O’Neal’s life is ripped apart while on the Oregon Trail. Forced to live with the truth while those around her remain blissfully ignorant, she must endure reality, as evil hovers around the only loved ones she has left in the world. But when tragedy strikes again, Polly is started down a path of revenge that won’t be satisfied until all her wrongs have been righted. Relentlessly searching for the vengeance she’s owed, Polly’s quest for retribution will take her to the brink of survival, while teaching her the truth in her soul.

Based on stories passed down over generations, Polly: The Mystery of Bonney’s Canyon is an easy-to-read adventure encompassing over 150 years of legend. Set in the late 1800s, this exciting tale takes readers on a thrilling journey as Polly struggles to find the people that have wronged her, and set everything right once and for all. Loosely based on historical fact, this exhilarating story is laden with action-packed, revenge-filled adventure that will keep readers glued to every page.

Written for a wide array of readers, Polly: The Mystery of Bonney’s Canyon is a gripping adventure that will captivate readers from beginning to end. An engrossing blend of authentic history and fictional tales about a real person, this fascinating story draws readers in with mesmerizing characters that will leave a lasting impact with each read.

Inspired by family stories that were told to him about his great grandmother, author I. M. Davis began writing Polly: The Mystery of Bonney’s Canyon because of the connections he felt to his family that spanned multiple generations. Creating a white-knuckle story that hooks readers until the final page, Davis has written a fantastic story that still manages to teach life lessons from 150 years in our past.


Author: I.M.Davis

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