The Dynamic Story


Here are some guidelines that can be used to help you with using the Psalms while in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord. A. Always begin your prayer with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. You can use a traditional prayer blessed by the Church or simply say with the deepest humility available at the time, "Come, Holy Spirit." B. Choose any of the Psalms. Read a verse and repeat it while delighting that you are in the presence of God who is making his Word come alive to you here and now. Remember that the same eternal word that created all things from nothing is present to you and is present to receive your prayer and listen to your acts of worship. C. If you come across a word that suddenly has an interest to you (like a highlighter drawing your attention in your mind and heart), then stop and rest there to see what God wants to tell you. D. Whenever you find consolation in your passage allow it to speak to you. E. If you do not find consolation in a passage, do not be hasty in moving on. Spend several minutes with it to see whether the Lord will reveal himself in the darkness of you feelings, like a star shining in a dark place. Often in these kinds of contrasts, the Spirit can work very effectively in teaching the soul and in making it more docile in its adherence to the Word.

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