Liz & Zach


This book is best understood by LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint) readers.

Trying to forgive those who have hurt you can be a challenging task for anyone, and it isn’t any different for Liz, a divorced mother with three young children. Having left the man who mistreated her and her children was the right choice, but lacking a husband and a father in the home causes its own challenges for Liz’s family.

Liz focuses on things she’d like to change, and she thinks a great deal about the past. A perfectionist by nature, Liz also struggles to provide forgiveness to others and she finds difficulty in forgiving herself for not being the ideal mother in Zion. But it is with this learning of forgiveness that she draws closer to Christ, and finds that she can again learn to trust others. This sense of trust comes gradually, and surprisingly, through a powerful dream and a “family discount” given to her by the man (Zach) she will eventually fall in love with.

Zach is a manager at a local grocery store. He is single, and like Liz, he is cautious of whom he will give his trust and love too. Years prior he was in love, and instead of going on a mission, fathered a child out of wedlock. Despite his best attempts to become worthy of the Lord’s blessings, tragedy took over and broke his heart as he lost his girlfriend and child.

Both Liz and Zach learn the power for forgiveness, and through their greater understanding of the Lord’s mercy, are able to help bless the lives of several unexpected individuals in the story. Despite their weaknesses and limitations, both learn the importance of putting Christ first in their new-found relationship, and work hard to leave their past lives on the altar. Part love story, part drama, part comedy.

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