Sinful Temptation (A Worthwhile Sin, #1)


Sin knows music. She lives it, eats it, breathes it. And now she’s going to report it. All she needs is to land the interview of a lifetime with rock’s sex god, Tate McQueen.
Tate has other plans for Sin. He wants her in his room and naked.
And Sin knows it.
What she doesn’t know is that Tate is willing to offer her something far better than a byline in Rolling Stone.

Genre: BBW Rockstar Romance / Erotic Romance, length: 7,740 words.
This book can also be found as part of the trilogy, A Worthwhile Sin (Trilogy Bundle) (Rockstar BBW Erotic Romance)

PDF Melissa F. Hart download Sinful Temptation (A Worthwhile Sin, #1)

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