Until She Sleeps


4.5 Stars

Until She Sleeps is a fantastic short horror novel by my favorite author today, Tim Lebbon. This book is a story about a 300 year old witch, a coming of age story for her distant grandson, and a nightmare of nightmares.The setting, the story, and the plot are all straight lined with few turns or surprises. Lebbon’s imagery and gift of writing out suspense is what makes this book work as well as all of his materials special.

“He tumbled headlong into the ditch.
It was only three feet deep but he seemed to fall forever, spinning in the air, rolling over and over, but whichever way he turned his eyes were locked with those of the baby. Its black eyes.
Kurt tried to cry out but he was still yawning. And falling. The baby looked at him and as he neared it – his short fall impossibly endless – he nudged aside bushes and fronds and gained a clearer view. The child’s skin was split around the joints: knees; elbows; shoulders; neck. It looked as if a larger person had been shoved and forced into this infant’s body.
And its eyes … black as sleep, dark as a the starless night at the end of time.”

I love the way that Tim Lebbon writes, his imagery, and his imagination, they all come to life on the page:

“Andy had never felt so alone, so exposed and ironically so claustrophobic as at that moment. The initial impression that hit him was one of space: the horizon was as distant as he’d ever seen it, and it ran straight; the sky was wide, dark, endless; even the gentle hills to his left and right seemed ten miles high and a hundred wide. He was tiny, unknown and unknowing, and in that place where size was everything he was totally imprisoned by scale.”

This is a fast read with a few tense moments and an ending that pulls it all together. I love Tim Lebbon and cannot recommend him with enough praise. Highly Recommended!!!

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