Sexy Paranormal Stories - Volume Four - an Xcite Books Collection


Explore your darkest desires with this series of paranormal erotic romance stories. Enjoy a journey with vampires, witches, werewolves and highwaymen, where nothing is as it seems, but the sex is out of this world!

Dancer in the Dark by Scarlett Blue
Our heroine is used to having her way with men, with a body eternally in its prime and the wisdom of centuries, and what better job for her than a sensual private dancer, where men are her playthings as well as her food. She sleeps all day and makes a fortune by night, feasting on whoever she pleases, with her sexy female submissive at her heels, until a strange man enters her world. He’s as strong as a vampire, but warm and pulsing like a human, and in their raw sexual encounters she comes dangerously close to feeling human herself.

The Call of the Night by Tabitha Rayne
The Call of The Night is a lesbian vampire romp in the woods. Leah finds herself on an evening walk on the outskirts of town being confronted by a mysterious cloaked woman who commands her to follow her into the forest...

House of Seven Inches by Michael Bracken
Located just south of the middle of nowhere, the two-storey house has stood empty ever since the previous owner disappeared several years earlier. The new owner – a gay, would-be writer who left a bad relationship in the city – moves in and begins an extensive renovation project. He soon learns to appreciate the solitude ... until he suspects he isn’t alone.

These stories first appeared in Dark Desires published by Xcite Books.

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