Thematising Multilingualism in the Media


This volume analyses the complex relations between multilingualism and the media: how the media manage multilingualism; how multilingualism is presented and used as media content; and how the media are discursive sites where debates about multilingualism and other language-related issues unfold. It is precisely this inter-relatedness that we want to flag up when we talk about thematising multilingualism in the media. More specifically, the focus of this volume is on the empirical and theoretical opportunities and challenges posed by the thematisation of multilingualism in the media. The volume, originally published as a special issue of the "Journal of Language and Politics" 10:4 (2011), presents a number of case studies from a variety of linguistic, media, political, social, and economic contexts: from print-media debates on trilingual policies in Luxembourg to new media discussions about the sexiness of Irish or the national value of Welsh; from issues of linguistic authority and authenticity in an American television programme to Wikipedia s multilingual policy and practice.

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