The Wrong Dog (Rachel Alexander & Dash #5)


Service dogs are more than pets, more than companions. They see for the sightless, hear for the deaf, and some — a rare few — can sense when someone may be having a seizure; these special animals are indispensible. That's why Sophie Gordon succumbed when a woman suggested that there might be a way to guarantee that her service dog, Blanche, could be replaced. That's why Sophie brought Blanche to the Horatio Street Veterinary Practice. And that's why she hired Rachel Alexander and Dash, Rachel's pitbull partner in detection.Blanche would be cloned, the woman said; the doctors at Side by Side were trying to make sure that people like Sophie would always have the help they needed. Unfortunately, the puppy they gave her didn't have what it takes, and she wanted to let them know. But the people Sophie had been dealing with seemed to have disappeared. More unfortunate still, two days after hiring Rachel to find them, Sophie was dead, and Rachel was certain that there was nothing natural about it.

No one is better qualified to write about a female PI and the dogs in her life than Carol Lea Benjamin, one of the most respected writers in the field of dog training, a former private investigator, and the winner of a Shamus Award for Best First Novel for This Dog for Hire, which introduced the sleuthing duo from New York's Greenwich Village. And with brilliant insight into the behavior of humans and dogs alike, Benjamin continues that winning approach in The Wrong Dog, a novel as moving as it is timely.

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