Kidnapped in Gaza


Kidnapped in Gaza is a fast-paced, action-filled thriller about an American journalist, Richard Ireton, kidnapped while on assignment in Gaza. He is under threat of execution but may be rescued just in time by Israeli special forces who have identified where he is being held through a GPS tracking device installed in his belt. The There is a strong undertone of romance in the novel because Ireton meets a beautiful female Israeli intelligence officer who is drawn to Ireton and wants to help him get to the bottom of the story he is investigating. Ireton is in a dilemmas because his long-time girlfriend, a beautiful Filipina, happens also to be visiting Israel as a tourist when the kidnapping takes place. The story draws on author David Aikmans long experience as a foreign correspondent (especially in Jerusalem) and his first-hand knowledge of Israel, Gaza and the Middle East tensions in general. Enthralling, drenched with both intrigue and an understated romantic backdrop, Kidnapped in Gaza is sure to keep you turning the pages until the very final moment.

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