All Mye Queen's Men Chronicles of Love, Volume I


You asked for it here, so here it is- All Mye Queen's Men A Love of Her Own, Weathering Love's Storm and No More Secrets all in one book. This special edition compilation includes the first three books in the All Mye Queen's Men six book series.

Synopsis: After throwing caution and good common sense to the wind, Pre Med Student Mye Beloved Queen boldly elects to transfer colleges her senior year in an attempt to avoid boy trouble and baby mama drama. Her long standing relationship with her football super star, high school sweetheart ended badly when he is named in a paternity suit. Distraught, brokenhearted and extremely pissed she embarks on a journey to a place called far- far away from him. Little did she realize that trouble has a way of catching up with you. Torn between the new and the old, the incredible and the delicious Queen tries to sort out her feelings for two phenomenal men while another lurks in the shadows adoring her from afar waiting for his chance to love her. And thus begins the epic tale of All Mye Queen’s Men, Chronicles of Love. This is the first three installments of a six book series that chronicles the life of Internal Medicine Doctor Mye Queen as she attempts to navigate a sea of delicious, smoldering hot chocolate, in search of a man who can satisfy her appetite. Captivating, addictive, funny, and oh so sexy, the saga of Mye Queen and the men that vie for her love is a crazy look at love, sex, infidelity and seriously silly grown folks’ mess. A virtual joyride of emotions awaits anyone who dares to take a peek into the life of Doctor Mye Beloved Queen and the men who dare to love her.

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