The Christmas Child


A story about an old women, who adopted a girl relative, and tried to raise her, so she would never marry, and leave her.The old women leased a stony sea side farm.An old man, names Nathan, had helped her run the farm.They had two other young people, who helped them.Another young niece lost her mother, and the relatives sent her to live with her old single aunt. She didn't want her there, since she already had made her plans for Rhoda.Rhoda and Joan enjoy playing together.They develop a custom of going to the barn on Christmas morning, to see if the Christ child is in their manager.They sing a Christmas hymn as they approach the manger.Rhoda runs away and gets married to a young man.The aunt says she will never forgive her, and she may never return to her house.Joan is neglected, and is very sad.Joan goes to the barn one Christmas morning, and is over joyed to find a baby in the manger.Nathan, the old man, takes them to Joan's room, and tells her not to let her aunt hear the baby.Of course the aunt is very angry when she learns of the baby.She shuts herself up in her room for days, and doesn't come out.Nathan searches for Rhoda, but he can't find her.Rumors spread that the farm is haunted. One night the old aunt sees a dark shadow cross the yard, and thinks it's Rhoda's ghost.She calls to Rhoda, who answers her.She asks what she can do for her, and Rhoda answers she wants to be forgiven before she dies.The old aunt goes to her, and carries her thin body up to her room.Rhoda wants to die, but Nathan tells her she must try to live.She lives, but is a much more serious woman, who has lost her beauty.Joan is now loved and carried for, and loves and helps take care of the little boy.She tells him of finding him in the manger of Christmas morning, and they continue the visits to the manger on Christmas morning.

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