Merdeka Rising (Black Sun, Red Moon, #2)


JAVA, 1945: In the uneasy aftermath of war, once bitter enemies must stand as allies against the rage and terror of revolution.

As Indonesia erupts in violent revolution, thousands of Europeans interned by the Japanese become hostages to fortune. Their only hope is a tiny force of peacekeepers—British, Indian, Gurkha and surrendered Japanese—who stand against the murderous hordes. New loyalties are tested while old scores are settled in blood amidst mass, spine-chilling roars of ‘Merdeka!’ (Freedom!).

‘An ambitious, unconventional, compelling saga of men at war, captivity, forced prostitution, murder, political dirty tricks and mob terror in Japanese-occupied and revolutionary Indonesia. Rory Marron’s BLACK SUN, RED MOON and MERDEKA RISING gives us an almost tangible glimpse of the chaos that was Java in 1945-46. His writing, infused with imaginative speculation, is sweeping, poignant, passionate and unflinching.’ (Publishers Catalogue.)

Japan’s sudden surrender in August 1945 ends World War II but triggers the Indonesian declaration of independence from the Netherlands. In a chaotic, mistrustful peace Lord Mountbatten orders the Japanese to defend the white colonial order. Recent foes have no choice but to become allies…of a kind. In the mayhem of siege and slaughter, once sworn enemies stand shoulder to shoulder against a murderous human tide. Yet when loyalties are questioned fragile, new bonds are threatened and Japanese must face Japanese in a private, deadly, finale.

Revolt against Dutch rule brings Alun MacDonald’s battalion to Java. Out-numbered and out-gunned the Burma veterans are astounded to find their only allies are the Japanese.

Reporter Meg Graham discovers there is no room for neutrals in a revolution. Determined that truth will not be the first casualty of the Java war, she risks the wrath of a dying empire…

A forbidden love protected Kate van Dam from starvation and disease in the internee camp. Now her secret haunts her, even as she is engulfed by mob terror…

Kenichi Ota, spared by his Emperor’s order to surrender, dreams of a new life. Yet if he is to save the woman he loves, honour and tradition demand he faces a deadly foe…

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