Junie Moon Rising


This is a sequel to Goodbye Junie Moon. After leaving Vietnam and testifying in the U.S. Senate about her experiences as a whistle blower, Junie Moon tries to pick up the pieces. Alone and in the USA for the first time, she has lost her business and is broke. Her only chance of survival rests on the success of a book she plans to write with the help of Robin Moore (The French Connection). After seeing so much death and devastation in Vietnam she hopes, in a small way, to restore some of the life she's seen snuffed out by adopting one of the pitiful orphans she has encountered on the streets of Asia. This becomes her one goal in life.
Her chances seem grim. As a flamboyant, ex-stripper, unmarried at a time when only married couples were allowed to adopt,she is hardly a sought-after candidate for the PTA. Her only assets are her determination,courage and persistence.
Can she change her hedonistic ways, rebuild her bank account and find a suitable marriage partner, thus enabling the fulfillment of her dreams?

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