Forbidden Fruit (Forbidden Fruit, #3)


This is a novella of approximately 20,000 words
Part Three of the Forbidden Fruit Series

When young ambitious FBI agent Nikki Archer gets her first big break - a chance to hunt down the notorious New York gangsters Eduardo and Carlos Pesci - she expects danger. What she doesn't expect is to meet the most beautiful man she’s ever seen, wealthy sculptor Jon Selleck.
After a night of incredible sex with Jon Nikki’s dream turns into a nightmare when she discovers that Jon has a dark secret. He is intimately involved with the New York criminal underworld. Despite her best efforts Nikki is drawn into Jon’s dark world. But if she wants to catch Eduardo and Carlos Pesci she will have to decide between her passion for Jon and her career.
But Nikki also a secret. Since childhood she’s had an alter-ego, another personality that takes over her body. The doctors call it multiple personality disorder. All Nikki knows is that every so often she blacks out and wakes up days later with hazy memories of rampant sex and all night parties. Her other self it turns out has very different tastes to Nikki. She likes her sex rough. She likes to be dominated and she’s found the perfect man to do it.

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