Stone Fox / Top Secret


Stone Fox is a classic book.It's all about a little boy named Willy and his grandfather and they are potato farmers. In the book grandfather got sick and Willy needed to find a way to help grandfather.So little Willy went do a docter named doc Smith.Willy got doc Smith and doc did everthing she could.She went to get medicine.Willy found out that grandfather was not sick just because.It was because of the taxes.Willy went to enter a race that he could get the tax money from.But the best racer ever was going to be there.His name is Stone Fox.He never lost a race.That is why everyone is telling Willy dont do it u r going to lose.Willy did not listen he went right ahead and entered the race with his dog Searchlight.They went up against Stone Fox and Willy won!But here comes the bad part Searchlight.....died it was horibal.Searhlight ran too fast and then her heart bursts.It was at the end but everything else was good about it.I loved it.

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